Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Pulsion Argentina

1- What's your name? Our band name is PULSION!!
2- Where are you from? We are from argentina (town of tres lomas-province of buenos aires)
3- Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now. We are an Argentine band formed in the city of Tres Lomas province of Buenos Aires in 2016. The members are: Darío Gil (Guitar and Voice) Jorge Detzel (Bass) Cesar Ademá (Drums), which we recorded the first songs in the year 2016, as a demo called: Life Stories, due; which shows a search of the band towards the sound that it has achieved today with its new new work called UTOPÍAS DE PROYECCIÓN. It is in full release. There are three cuts of diffusion in our social networks available to listen, and they show a markedly different sound to their first work with more metallic roots for this reason the band feels very identified. We have made different presentations in the interior of Argentina, receiving good reviews regarding their live performances and several offers to start touring abroad. In the current of these months will be releasing the remaining songs of the album UTOPÍAS DE PROYECCIÓN.
Tell us about your musical style, influences  Our influences are very varied, they can be from old bands like metallica, fear factory, arch enemy, to non-metal styles, that influenced us, like different folkloric styles of our country.
What has been your last project? At this moment we are in studio recording what will be our next album projection utopias.
6- When the album is finished, we begin to present the songs locally and we are going to schedule a tour outside the country !!
7- Upcoming concerts, events ...  For now we are only scheduled to play at two motorcycle events, scheduled for March 24 and 30 in the provinces of Cordoba and Catamarca, both of Argentina.
8- Links of interest 

What else One of our greatest wishes is to visit Canada and share our music with friends, for the first time we send a warm hug to everyone who works at the station and as a last request we wanted to know when they will share the songs for us to do the promotion here with our followers, thank you very much and keep it very well.