Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Percival Elliott

  1. Hey Percival Elliott! Could you introduce yourselves and tell us where you are from?
Good Day ladles and Jellyspoons we are Percival Elliott a folk rock band from the sunny south coast of the United Kingdom. 

2. Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now. 
Olly and I worked in the antiques trade, trading secrets and antique rarities beyond ones imagination. One day we came across a magic lute which granted us but one wish. Foolishly Olly blurted out “I wish for us to become musicians” .Our finest rags were stripped from our backs, our pockets emptied and our minds filled with melody. Thus Percival Elliott was born. 

3. Tell us about your musical style, influences
Influenced by old, new and everything in between. The Beatles, Elton John and Coldplay are huge influences our music, we both enjoy songwriters who sing from the heart about issues that influence and change our lives. You know like living in a yellow submarine, traveling on a yellow brick road and because it’s all yellow.

4. Can you tell us about the meaning of your new single ‘Betty’ and where the inspiration for that came from?
Betty is the story of a once famous star of the silver screen, a girl who has it all, the looks, the money and fame. Forgotten by her fans, Betty has nobody to turn to. Betty is tired of putting on a mask so decides to live it up for one last hurrah before the long sleep. 
I think we as generation crave attention, self credit and self analyses which hurts. We need to learn how to love ourselves again. 

5. ‘Betty’ is very different to your previous single ‘Forever’ - what else can we expect from your upcoming album?
The album is full of surprises, song’s of love, drugs and cats who captain ships during the expansion of the British empire. 

6. What’s next for Percival Elliott? When will your album Save Your Soul be gracing our ears?
We’ve already started writing and recording the follow up EP to Save Your Soul. We’ll be dropping Save Your Soul later this year, most likely accompanying a single called ‘All Messed up’ a ballad about making up with a loved one.

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