Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Human Bio


Biographie :

Human has been created by Franck LIGABUE  at the end of. Franck author, composer, performer, expresses and unveils his lived sensitive experience in this new musical creation : perceptions, feelings, impressions, images are revealed. This unique, deeply human universe, created and proposed to the world, is the product of a singular journey.

Franck was born on the 6th of October 1974, he starts music at the age of 8 years by 4 years of piano and 2 years of trombone ; His father was director of a music school and musician himself. Franck's family has several artists such as his great cousin Luciano LIGABUE, Italian Pop singer, director, screenwriter, writer. Quickly Franck leaves the classical learning system to become self-taught on drums, guitar, and bass. At age 17, passionate and determined, he expresses to his father his decision to become a musician, his father accepts this choice and asks him what instrument he would like to play, Franck answers drums and the next day his father returns to him to offer his first drumkit. From 1992 to 2002, he played in numerous dance balls that drive him to jam in 1994 with Claude NOUGARO, French jazz singer. This unlikely encounter brought him to be open to the pleasure of sharing whatever the musical style. What has not ceased to be obvious for Franck is the pleasure and the importance for him to play with others.
Franck starts to play in group at 12 years to never leave this type of line-up: bass player in “Precious Stones” (1989-1992: covers of Beatles, Stones...); Singer in “Merry Christmas” (1992-1994: Pop rock covers, ZZ Top, Queen...); Bass player in “Hell in Brain” (1992-1993: Heavy Metal compositions); Drummer and guitarist in “Funeraëll” (1995-1999: Gothic Metal compositions); Drummer and guitarist in “Soror Dolorosa” (2001-2002, 2007-2017: Cold Wave, Death Rock compositions).

Franck built his own personal identity through his career as a confirmed musician. It was with Soror Dolorosa that he managed to truly set free his creative sensitivity. Determined, involved, applied, he participates in Soror Dolorosa in the realization of an EP in 2009 "Severance", 3 LPs between 2011 and 2017 "Blind Scene", "No More Heroes", "Apollo", a live DVD "Rive Gauche" in 2017. Soror Dolorosa opened for Alcest on the “soul wandering tour” in 2012 and participated in numerous European festivals such as WGT, Dark Bombastik, Entremuralhas, Semana Gothica, Castle party...    
Today, rich of these experiences, this artist uses means of expression in a line-up that suit him.

Human is the culmination of this singular journey, this project comes to you simply, without emphasis, like the artist who expresses himself there. Human's first self-titled album takes the listener into the world of a man who delivers, in a shameless way, his introspective travel through the meanders of his being. A universe set in a sensitive, sensible, disturbing, touching landscape.
Through Cold-wave, post-punk and Goth-rock compositions, Human's music speaks of human nature through all its facets. Like self awareness (Last exit before the crash), the feeling of lack of control over life (Feeding the ocean), the fear of death (Hypnophobia), the regrets related to the passing of time (The Wheel), the phantasm of the great love (Quai des Etroits), introspection (Cage the monster), access to happiness (This part of me), the loss of a loved one (Window pain) or the need of living (Breakin 'up the shackles).

I invite you to discover and share this singular universe.