Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Atlas Before

Artist: Atlas Before
My Name: David Denton (I wrote the rock opera 'All Systems Go' and performed most of the instruments and vocals.  Cat Denton (my ex-wife actually) sang on about 6 of the songs (the ones with better vocals).

I'm from Atlanta GA.  I can't say that the rock music scene here is spectacular.  :-(

I have played guitar and written songs since age 14.  I am very in to multi track recording and I have learned to play many instruments along the way.  I have also played in many bands (cover and original) along the way but mostly in the limited Atlanta rock scene.  Bands were 'Archer', 'Matrix', 'Fortress' and 'Mr. E.' to name a few. I am hoping to expand my music into totally new types of music.

I came from a classic hard rock/metal background but my songs do not always show my influences.  I how love all types of music, but hard rock is my core.  Some bands I 'grew up with'  Iron Maiden, Led Zep, Blue Oyster Cult, Judas Priest, The Who, Rush, Pink Floyd

My last project was the 'All Systems Go' CD which is a rock opera or a collection of songs that fit together to tell a story.  I have a backlog of songs but I chose these to release because I believe they are meaningful and cohesive.  There are a few very good 'stand alone' songs as well.  I released it in January but I am focusing on one song per week until mid march.  I am updating the website each week (like an episode) with the lyrics, background story and other details related to each song.  But actually all of the songs are already out there (links on my website to Itunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify, YouTube etc.)

The next thing I have planned hopefully goes beyond rock or expands it's scope in some way. A tall order I know but I have some ideas for now.

I don't have any upcoming performances, as I see myself mostly as a recording artist and not a performer.  I am primarily a songwriter.  I would love for some other organization or group take on the 'All Systems Go' story and do a full stage performance, etc.  Kind of like a musical rock play.  Just dreaming perhaps. LOL

But seriously I do encourage other performers to play my songs (or a version thereof) if they like the music.

I really just hope some people will enjoy listening to 'All Systems Go' and will be moved by it in some way.

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