Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stuart Alan Thomas

1) What is your Name ? 
    Stuart Alan Thomas

2) Where are you from ?
    Northern California Sacramento area

3) Tell us how your Journey has been from your beginnings until now.
Stuart Alan Thomas started out learning from 5 different Guitar teachers each in a different Guitar Style. Stuart Rising from the Biggest Top-40 Bands in Northern Cal. at a very young age then completely stopped to start Writing & Preforming his own Music. While in Northern Cal. He worked with members of “Tesla” also Guitarist “George Lynch” aka: Dokken / Lynch Mob used to show Stuart Guitar Riffs from time to time & they used to go to each other’s shows. Stuart moved to the Bay Area to further his Career & was immediately picked up by the Band “Testament” but was not into the Speed / Trash Metal at that time, so he left and formed his own Successful Melodic Hard Rock Metal Bands. While in the Bay Area he Signed with an Independent LA Record Label then later was gonna get picked up by Atlantic Records / Titanium, but the “Grunge” Music scene killed all Metal / Hard Rock Bands. Stuart has a very large Library of his Music also he owns a Private Recording Studio in Sunny Side Santa Cruz California where he Writes & Records. Currently Stuart is Recording an Instrumental Album followed up with Touring.

Throughout Stuarts Career he had the opportunity in Working with or sharing the Stage with Members of Tesla, Testament, Michael Schenker, Dream Theater, Billy Idol, Alice Copper, Yngwie Malmsteen, Rino Bucket & many many more.

4) Tell us about your Musical Style, Influences.
    Musical Style is from Rock to Metal crystal clean to in your face Metal
    Guitar influences = EVH / Jeff Beck / Jimmy Page / Randy Rhodes / George Lynch

5) What has been your last Project ?
    Writing & Recording in the Studio

6) And the next thing you have planned ?
    Putting out a new Instrumental Album & Touring

7) Upcoming Concerts, events ?
    New Single releases / Instrumental Album & Touring

8) Links of interests.