Monday, March 12, 2018

Darby Picnic

1.    What's your name?  The band is Darby Picnic. My name is Lee, and I’m the leader/founder guy.
2.    Where are you from?  We live and love in the Pacific Northwest, USA.
3.    Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.  As a group, we’ve been together in this iteration for a little over two years. I’ve played with each of the other guys in one band or another over the last 20 years. The way it started was as a recording project I was doing. Differentr people were brought in to do guitars, vocals and such. It just sort of morphed on its own into a regular thing. People came and went, and one came back. We’ve done a number of great shows, a couple not so great, recorded an album and released four videos, so we think we’re moving along really well.
4.    Tell us about your musical style, influences, We call what we do “Post Medieval Psychedelia”. What that means is that pretty much any idea for a song is worth considering, and so we have a VERY eclectic body of music. Influences – I think first would be the Beatles in that we have multiple writers/singers so there’s no front man, per se. Stones, Dylan, Bowie, Tragically Hip, Ramones, Petty, John Prine. We’re really all over the place.

5.    What has been your last project? Last project was the album – The CBB Sessions. We went into a studio and played all the songs live, then did vocal overdubs and solos. The album is what we really sound like.
6.    And the next thing you have planned? We’re planning a “professional” video this time, for the song “Midnight Train”.
7.    Upcoming concerts, events .... We’re in wrting mode at the moment, but we’ll have shows beginning in June around the NW.

What's else?
Darby Picnic is a five piece band from the Pacific NW that classifies themselves as Post Medieval Psychedelia. There are at least three songwriters in the band – Lee on Keys and vocals, Kent Beatty on guitar and vocals, and Troy Moss, also guitar and vocals. Rounding out the band are Terry Hickey on bass, and Rickie Ray Heinzman on drums.