Friday, March 9, 2018


  1.  Denis NAVARRO alias Later, Deleo's guitarist
  2. Where are you from? :  Deleo is the new indie-rock duo of the Montpellier scene. Has a
    multi-instrumentalist songwriter, Later, and a young talented singer, currently a student at the Conservatory, Eléonore. 
  3. Tell us about your musical style, influences, ... : I kept my adolescent passions for the pillars of the new wave that are The Cure, U2 or Depeche Mode, the taste of dark melodies spiced with impulses pop rock formidable effective. Over the years, my compositions have been enriched with eclectic and electric influences: PJ Harvey, Archive, Mogwai, Placebo, Foals, and many others ... But it is especially in the music of Radiohead that I draw my inventiveness. Thom Yorke's pieces are not only my source of inspiration. They are my breathing. A way of life, to play with the sounds of the purest and most fragile emotions. The most agile too.
  4. What has been your last project? : We have just released our first 2 singles : Game Lover, a complex and delicate love song and cosmic, an atmospheric rock song 
  5. And the next thing you have planned? : the release of our first EP in June
  6. Upcoming concerts, events .... : not for the moment we are working to our EP
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