Friday, March 23, 2018

Yur Mum

1- What’s your name? 2- Where you're from?
Yur Mum and we’re based in London.

Akos Gado - Hungarian
Anelise Kunz - Austrian-Brazilian
Fabio Couto - Brazilian

3- Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now?
It would be a LONG LONG story, darling, so we will stick to Yur Mum’s prequel.

Anelise and Fabio were in a band named Plastique. They met Akos during one of their gigs. A long time afterwards they finally decided to jam with the ambition to perform a few covers in the local boozer.

Yur Mum’s first gig happened by chance. Plastique had a headline gig and one of the support bands cancelled and Gabriel (Plastique) suggested we took the slot. Ane and Fabio ended up playing on both sets.

We can’t believe how far we’ve come  in the last 2 years. We’ve signed to Flicknife Records and have our debut album due on the 6th April.

4- Tell us about your musical styles, influences.
We love ROCK…in all its form, colour and shape.

5-What has been your last project?
In this case last will be first. By that we mean Mama’s debut album. Pre-orders are open and physical copies in production...the release date is 6th of April. This is a result of nearly two years rehearsing, gigging, whilst working full time. We recorded the tracks at The Nave in Leeds. But every single sleepless night, hangover, back pain was worth it when we hear the result of the album. 

6-And the next thing you have planned?
We’re gonna do what we enjoy the most which is hitting the road. We’re gonna support Svetlanas on a couple of UK gigs, then we head to Scotland to play Girls To The Front, we have 8 Mamapalloza dates afterwards, summer festivals and gigs and hopefully another EU tour.

7-Upcoming concerts and events?

Below are the next within March and April but you kids can track Yur Mum via, Songkick, Facebook or simply by signing up to our newsletter.

24/03  London - New X Inn (Supporting The Vibrators)
13/04  London - The Bird’s Nest
16/04  London - New X Inn (Supporting Svetlanas)
18/04  Leeds - Wharf Chambers (Supporting Svetlanas)
20/04 Aberdeen - Girls to the Front Festival
21/04  Edinburgh - Girls to the Front Festival - The Banshee Labyrinth
27/04  Kingston - The Fighting Cocks 
28/04 Norwich - B2 (Mamapalooza)
29/04 Southend - Railway Hotel (Mamapalooza)

8- Links of interest

9- What else?
Kids out there, come see Yur Mum live and if you like what you see help us by following us on social media, sharing our stuff and by buying our album.