Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Jack Blake

Jack Blake
Buffalo N.Y. USA
Well! I started playing when I was 10 yrs old!!!!! My grandmother bought me my 1st guitar and I haven't stopped since. Loved the Brithish invasion and I've was always jamming with friends evolving to bar bands eventually getting into a punk inspired band called the Panics playing at some of the better clubs and other events It was great but being a 7 piece band it was doomed almost from the beginning. Kinda of split up the band got another drummer and went 4 piece The Synthetics were born same sort of results! Started getting into home recording with an 8 track reel to reel and thats what i did the next couple of years-flash to more recent times I started playing open mics and gigging solo and with various band mates when the opprotunity became available. I had the bug to record again because this let me play everything and used my beloved Les Paul once again. I wrote my first original called Shes gone almost on a whim, decided to try for an album--Battle Weary was born Since then I haven't stopped writting about 30 originals the last couple of years

I love almost all music-rock being my primary love! Beatles Ten Years After, ZZ top, Neil Young,Junior Brown,Sex Pistols, Green Day,-Greeta Van Zant  Love them all! My last release was my album Call in the Moon, I've been recording again recently and anticipate a new release in the very near future. Playing and recording everything myself limits me as far as playing out at this time but I have been getting together with some old bandmates and anything is possible. I have been in some preliminary talks with a UK label and keeping my fingers crossed for now! I live near Lake Erie and I love fishing and spending time along the lake when the weather cooperates! I really appreciate the support I've received and grateful for all the plays! Thanks and continued success on your end--Jack Blake