Monday, March 12, 2018

Traces of Dawn

1.     What's your name? Traces of Dawn
2.     Where are you from? Southern California
3.     Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now. Wow, that could
take forever (smiles). This journey has been fabulous, more than I could ever ask for and more than I ever thought it would be. I really owe it to the fans (the Starlights) for their inspirations.  Who knew that through my music I would become a friend to many and a role model for others. I am not sure artists really think about that when they get started. It can be a bit overwhelming until you learn how to embrace it and realize that you are here from more than just your music, you are also here to serve as a leader!

I first started out my solo career as T Dawn, an instrumentalist, I was fortunate enough to get my song “Beautiful Birds” (which is still a huge fan favorite to this day) signed to a label. I was so over joyed and I went on creating more instrumental songs and growing a huge fan base. Then an unfortunate thing happened, my dad passed away and I started writing songs from all the hurt of him passing. I wrote this song, “Mental Breakdown” after I wrote it, I had to figure out what I was going to do with it. I was not a singer, though my dad always told me I had a beautiful voice, I was the last one to believe it. So I took a leap of faith and decided I needed to sing the song myself. If it didn’t go over well I could always roll back into my instrumental career. So I released the song to the world and the response was amazing! The fans loved it. Little did I know this would change my instrumental career completely. Since then, I have wrote many songs about life and those hard to talk about subjects which seem to flow easily through music.  I have also had the privilege performing at Caesar’s Palace and winning numerous music awards.

Now I am embarking on another leap of faith and moving my solo career into the name Traces of Dawn. There are many reasons for doing this but the main reason is… it’s just not me anymore, Traces of Dawn consists of session band members and are on the new album Jekyll and Hyde. You might find one song where I have written, produced and played all the instruments and another song, where a session player plays a guitar lick. This leaves an open door for those who want to collaborate with me to be included in such an awesome journey.

4.     Tell us about your musical style, influences, ... My musical style is mainly alternative rock but I have crossed into many genres, I think it’s because of my vocal style. At times it’s powerful with a rock edge then other times I can sound a bit country. It’s kind of weird but I seem to understand it because one of my musical influences is Stevie Nicks and she can do the same thing. I tend to really like the older style bands because they have unique sounds that sets them apart from the rest. My other influences are; Alanis Morissette, Tori Amos. Paramore, Breaking Benjamin and Janis Joplin.
6.     What has been your last project? The Jekyll and Hyde album which is due out early this year.
8.     And the next thing you have planned? I am working on the release of more music videos for the new album and after the album release, I will be releasing some “B” sides that the fans can enjoy.
9.     Upcoming concerts, events ....More interviews coming up and I hope a few music awards events (fingers crossed)
10. Links of interest twitter: @tracesofdawn @tdawn1
11. What's else? I want to say thank you for inviting me to do this interview and thank you for the radio play! I also want to shout-out to all the Starlights…my fans! You rock!