Monday, March 12, 2018


  1. What's your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.
  4. Tell us about your musical style, influences, ...
  5. What has been your last project?
  6. And the next thing you have planned?
  7. Upcoming concerts, events ....
  8. Links of interest
  9. What's else?
  10. Please don't forget to include a photo.
​My name is David A. DerMinasian I am A solo artist I go by the name of: RETCHED pronounced: (recht').
I am from Southern California far out in the country side.
I have just released my first bands EP called: The Overlord Messiah it is actualy 30 years old but we never released it with my old band AVATAR in 1988.  We never were able to release it because times were much different then and we had a lot of problems with our manager finally the bnad and I could not tolerate this manager any more and we decided to break up and walk away. Well I still had this EP and since then pretty much gave it up I still played but nothing serious till 6 years ago I wrote this new song that will be going on my next full length record called Horifffic and for some reason that song got me started up again but I've been chalenged with little work to finance my life style and music till the last year.
I released The Overlord Messiah in November 2016 and have been gaining popularity ever since.
My musical influences are Municipal Waste - Warbringer - Exsodus - Sodom - Dust Bolt - Testament - Havok - Evile - Onslaught - Iron Maiden - Slayer -  among many others.
I am planing to release a 12 track cd - digital and vinyl by the beginning of next year but I have a few thing to get in order first.
Here are some links of interest: