Monday, March 19, 2018


What's your name?


Where are you from?
Melbourne, Australia

Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.

After playing my first shows in primary school (aged 10), many years years of playing live in original/covers bands as a teenager and in my twenties, some touring interstate and studio recording, I decided to take some time out from work and write, record and produce a solo album. I’ve written and arranged all the songs on this new album, do all the singing and play all the instruments - apart from the guitar solo on Track Two: "Let Loose On The Weekend" (played by a friend, the amazing Bryan Dodge). The entire OMAZONE album “Home Time!” was all recorded with one condenser microphone! Rawk AND Rowll!!!

Tell us about your musical style, influences, ...

I love a wide variety of musical styles, so I wanted this new album to contain a wide variety of styles, using different instruments, rhythms and percussion on each song. Every vocal was to be delivered and recorded differently, with a wide variety of backing vocals to make each song very distinct. I love a melody, so it all had to me melodic. Track One “Black & Disabled” and the very rockin slide of Track Ten "Interconnection" use only cigar box guitars, including a twelve string, a six string, four string and a cigar box bass - all hand made by my brother Dan! There's a great picture of these amazing guitars on the OMAZONE website. Crank it up, I hope you love the album as much as I did making it!

What has been your last project?
My new album "Home Time!" . It's a diverse and melodic album that traverses musical styles such as rock, pop, funk, blues and folk. Crank it up loud and enjoy with a drink or two.

And the next thing you have planned?
To find a good distributor and anyone who can help me get some air play, as I'm an independent artist. I want to spread the music as far as I can in different countries and try to get some global airplay. If you know of anyone who can help, I’m all ears. If you like the album, I’d love for you to add it to your Spotify playlist.

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What's else?

I’d love to see a video for one of the songs off my OMAZONE album “Home Time !” as one has not been made yet. If anyone feels inspired to do one, I’d love to see it. If you want to hear the album in full, please check it out on the link above for Bandcamp, or you can add the album to your list on Spotify. Keep on rockin people and crank it up loud!