Friday, March 9, 2018

Carlos Nóbrega

What's your name? 

Carlos Nóbrega

Where are you from?
Born in Portugal but actually living in Madrid.

Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.

Carlos Nóbrega, Portuguese[1] born in Funchal, 19 September 1979,[2] is a Singer, songwriter, actor,[3] Photographer and Writer. 
Carlos Nóbrega took part in many talent shows on the TV such Cantigas da Rua (SIC – TV Channel), Nasci p'ra Musica (TVI – TV Channel), "Festival da canção Juvenil da Madeira" (RTP – TV Channel), "Festival da canção do Faial" (RTP – TV Channel), and events in Portugal and Europe. He got his start in television as an actor on the TV show RiscosRTP and he starred in many movies, TV series, plays, in Portugal and Europe such Águila RojaTVE, in Spain.[4] He has contributed to numerous Disney soundtracks in Portugal and he was member of the successful Portuguese Pop Band Máximo in the 90s, having a number 1 in the music tops in Portugal with the Christmas song "O Natal Na Minha Terra"[5] released by the label Vidisco, in 1998. According his own officials accounts and website he finished the thriller movie Desierto, from the Spanish director Jose Luis Endera.[6] Having spent most of his life working diligently as a world renowned entertainer and performer, the 36-year-old artist, released his first charted single Pitiful, on 19 September 2011 and the EP: “Pitiful The echoes” ,[7] which includes the 8 official remixes and the acoustic version for "Pitiful",[8] in December 2011.[9] Pitiful,[10]was featured on the compilation "This beat is POPTRONIK – VOL I",[11] released in 2012 by Aztec Records and EQ Music and was one of the artists performing on the mini-tour Poptronik on Summer of 2012 2012.[12] His second acclaimed and charted single was the single Turn it Up,[13] produced by Arake, and written & composed by himself and was released on 5 June 2012, followed by the charted single Music Makes you lose control,[14] released on 13 August produced by DABEAT. In the same year he released with the Portuguese Dj Sky Santos, the house chilled track I Miss you .[15] Between 2012–2014 he was touring in Spain with Los 40 Principales and spent most time composing his upcoming album. 
Carlos releases one year later from his latest release, the video for Breathe me directed by Fran Martinez, [16] from Sia releasing a new covers Ep,[17] called 'ALL OF ME - SONGS I WISH I WROTE ( The Piano sessions EP) ' ,[18] on his social networks and website in November 2015, including covers from Sia , John Legend and A Great Big World . Carlos's Pop/Electro/R&B fused sound is mainly influenced by the likes of Chris BrownUsherJustin TimberlakeDanny Saucedo. His journey began writing songs from a very young age and now he is finally ready to unleash his electrifying debut album called The Art of Making LoveTAOML, to be released in 2016 according his own accounts, blogs and official website. 

Tell us about your musical style, influences, ...
I´m a Pop Guy, i Love pop music, electronic, electro pop but i also love all the acoustic music with piano, violins, like the other project i have "Almageddon".
Influeces? Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Sarah McLachlan, Darren Hayes., Frankmusik

What has been your last project?
"The Art of Making love" my album released last August. Yesterday i have released the 8th single from the album and it´s actually crazy.
Paralel working on my other project and releasing songs from "Almageddon"  which is an ongoing series of music based on the origins of the universe and life within it.
And the next thing you have planned?

Upcoming concerts, events ....
Preparing my tour called "Taoml = The Art of Making love, the Tour" alonside working on my second album. 

Links of interest:
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Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube: carlosdnobrega
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What's else?
Hope You guys love my songs and my music and keep sharing it! Thanks for all the support!