Friday, March 9, 2018

Then Falls The Sky

1 What's your name?

Nick Barlage vocals, Chad McElwee guitar and vocals, Jacob Smith guitar, Oney Michaels bass, Amanda McElwee drums.  We are Then Falls The Sky. Our name actually is a metaphor meaning “the moment of realization “ 

2 Where are you from?

Southern Ohio. 

3 Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.

We started as a studio project between friends and things rapidly evolved from there. We released two albums over a two years time. Then last July our vocalist and bassist had to part ways. We wish them love as family always comes first. Since we have filled both slots and our new vocalist Nick has brought more of an aggressive edge to our sound. We are exactly where we need to be now. 
4 Tell us about your musical style, influences, ...

High intensity metalcore. We have a fairly diverse set of influences. Slipknot, Pantera, Bullet For My Valentine, Architects, Trivium, and a lot more. We don’t really try to fit the boundaries of genres, it just comes out naturally and that’s the best way. 

5 What has been your last project?

We released Synical as a single feature our current lineup. The message of the song resonates with us. Suicide is never the answer, but the message is beyond that. It relates to what suicide leaves behind. The mess that it creates for the people in your life that truly care. We even released a video with a little more detailed look into Synical. 

6 And the next thing you have planned?

New year, new lineup, so looks like new music is on the agenda.  We are going to release an ep this summer with some new songs and even a couple of past favorites. This is going to be a big year for us. 

7 Upcoming concerts, events ....

Nothing really in stone yet but we plan on doing a little touring later this year. 

8 Links of interest

Official site
Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @thenfallsthesky

9 What's else?

We want to personal thank everyone here at only rock radio, and our fans for all of the support that we have been given.  We love the fan mail keep it coming. Time is the most valuable commodity in this life. Spend every minute with people that you love and great music.