Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Andrew Purcell

  1. What's your name?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.
  4. Tell us about your musical style, influences, ...
  5. What has been your last project?
  6. And the next thing you have planned?
  7. Upcoming concerts, events ....
  8. Links of interest
  9. What's else?
  10. Please don't forget to include a photo.
(1) Andrew Purcell aka andrewpurcellmusic
(2) Currently Birmingham England
(3) I started with a nylon strung Guitar and a lot of music around the house, I've played in Original and Cover Bands from 1977 on and off up to 2006, after that I recorded the loft51 stuff.
Once I finally got my hands on a semi decent Computer and some basic DAWs, I started the present recording career so from 2007 onwards It's been my solo stuff, The Nigel Purcell Trio, Loft51, Kindred Souls with Steve, Wayne, Sabrina and others in the USA, also from the USA, Skinny Wizzard (A guy like me remix), From England, Operation Neptune Spear (Sunrise)  and Jon Horne (ME Smith The Last Days Remix) 
(4) I'm musically eclectic, No style is off limits but I guess it is mainly a sort of indie/pop/rock style, Mostly Guitar based. Influences are far and wide, From Rory Gallagher to xTc via Tom Waits and Randy Newman...Told you I was eclectic

(5) (6) (7) Solo was re releasing my stuff via erdingtonsound, Currently The Nigel Purcell Trio have about 18 songs in the can, were and when they will come out Is still up for debate with Nigel...There will be some compile/playlists on youtube only soon, Steve (Steve Roberts aka Kinetic) from Kindred Souls/Groove Scoundrels is always sending ideas, I'm still up for collaborating with anyone. I don't play live anymore Nigel plays live as a covers act, Steve takes His Djembe to an open music night in Florida.
(8) I try to keep our website www.erdingtonsound.com up to date when I can
(9) Well stuff will keep coming out via erdingtonsound as long as we are able to do so

That's where I am