Wednesday, March 14, 2018


 What's your name?


• Where are you from?
•  Born in Cork, Ireland, live in West Midlands, England.
• Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.
 I've always been into music and was raised on indie guitar bands and old school hip hop. I'd tried playing guitar on and off for years but it didn't take until I was 40. I used to play drums badly for a Britpop covers band which imploded after a few months. Later on I sent some demos off to producer Gavin Monaghan ( Editors, The Sherlocks, Kings Of Leon) and was surprised when he invited me in for a studio session. I called up an old mate Mark Beamson and asked if he'd come in and play drums on the session. When asked at the end of the first session for a name I went with PUK which was an acronym for Pissed Up Karaoke. PUK changed to PUKK after a clash of names. I'm a singer / songwriter but this project has a band feel rather than just acoustic guitar an a vocal.
• Tell us about your musical style, influences. Well, I play guitar and mostly write on an old acoustic. I used to listen to a lot of old school hip hop so the rhythms of the old breaks are never far away in the way the vocal is delivered or the guitar rhythm. I was heavily influenced by UK indie guitar bands, Grunge and as a kid The Beatles, Hendrix and Blondie.
• What has been your last project? The PUKK debut album is almost finished and I'm aiming for a Summer release. The album will be called 'Feckless'.

• And the next thing you have planned? I've got 3 projects in mind. I've got 4 or 5 songs written which don't really fit with how PUKK sounds. They are heavier, shouty, distorted but melodic. It's a bit Deftones, a bit heavy Nirvana. The project is provisionally called 'Grand Arches'. The other 2 projects are just sketches in lyric books so far.   

• Upcoming concerts, events .... The next event will be the album release this Summer.
• Links of interest is a basic website but has all the links you need to everything PUKK.
• What's else? Currently selling everything I own to finish the album.