Friday, March 9, 2018


What's your name?

Where are you from?
Bogota, Colombia

Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.

The band began in January 2017, and have enjoyed local success in live shows, and also with the airplay of our first single "Runaway From The Fire". We have just released a second single "Gypsy Soul" (we sent you the mp3 a couple of days ago)

Tell us about your musical style, influences, ...
Each member has their own influences. People have a hard time trying to put us into a style, which we love. The best description I have heard is Retro-Real Time Rock.....because we have a throwback feel (70s/80s/90s) but with a contemporary feel and relevant song lyrics

What has been your last project/And the next thing you have planned?
We are finishing the mix of our debut 6 song EP which will be called "One Peaceful Day". The EP will give listeners a better idea about the diverse sound that Sonic is about. The songs range from hard rock to alternative pop, with a ballad mixed in. Below is the tracklist
1. Gypsy Soul
2. Runaway From The Fire
3. Love and Rage
4. Harder To Hold
5. Make Up For Lost Time
6. One Peaceful Day
We will try to keep recording, because we have another six songs written, some of which have already been recorded. The plan will be to release a second EP by November. The lead track will also be the title track. It is called Our Voices

Upcoming concerts, events ....
We are hoping to conduct a small local tour in Bogota in April, then a national tour in June, all to support the release of the CD. We then hope to possibly tour out of Colombia (US,Mexico, Europe) in 2019

Links of interest
Instagram: sonicbandbogota
Facebook: sonicbandbogota
Twitter: sonicbandbogota

Thomas Fay
Vocalista/Compositor - Sonic
Productor - Silverfox Productions