Thursday, March 22, 2018

About ‘Pleasure’ - About Dead Man's Knee

About ‘Pleasure’

A paradigm shift in popular culture put the heady rock and roll excesses of the late twentieth century (sex and drugs) into the hands of contemporary commercial hip hop. ‘Pleasure’ is Dead Man’s Knee’s no-holds barred hard rock debut single that lyrically sets out to explore the shame prevalent in rock and roll over its hedonistic past. There’s a freewheeling sense of experimental progression akin to Funkadelic, and a contemporary hard rock edge like QOTSA at their most Led Zeppelin, but frontman Del’s vocal approach recalls the rootsy body singing of Chuck Berry and Little Richard. It all combines to make a fearsome three minute head banger that’ll have you shaking out on to the streets, bopping to your nearest dive bar to break every new years resolution you thought you were serious about.

About Dead Man’s Knee
Dead Man’s Knee are a group from London who come from a background of blues, rock and roll, gospel and soul. Comprised of Del on guitar and vocals, Angelos on guitar, George on bass and Leonn on drums, the group have already earned their stripes playing as session musicians on the pop and soul circuit while also coming together (sans Angelos) as a rhythmic core for Jodie Abacus. Del and Leonn grew up in London from the same church community while Angelos and George both came from Greece. The group formed in 2015 with Leonn replacing their old drummer in late 2016. As their fearsome debut single ‘Pleasure’ demonstrates, the four-piece have an electrifying chemistry, reanimating the bones of vital and exciting hard rock while lyrically questioning the dogma of the long-faded rock and roll lifestyle. This is modern rock stripped of the pretence. It’s not packaging and selling you a hedonistic dream, it’s offering a nuanced critique on the role of pleasure in our lives. Sometimes it’s healthy to step out the zone and wild out.

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