Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Wayne Rintoul

Interview with Wayne Rintoul March 2018.
Hi I’m Wayne Rintoul and live in the Melbourne Australia.
My family emigrated to the land down under back in the
1840s from Scotland and England. I was fortunate to live in
many parts of this ancient continent and experience the real
out back and its people. Often on those remote locations
the radio was my companion and the music was the beat.z
As the 60s came we settled in Melbourne and I went on to
work in photography and the arts. Melbourne was a vibrant
city with coffee shop folk music and pub rock in its infancy.
On one occasion I saw a new unknown band at a small pub
and thought “they could get on radio”. That band was AC/
DC !!!.
Also at that time the real game changer for me was
discovering Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen. It was their
unique style to tell a musical story that got me hooked on
songwriting. I was totally inspired to learn guitar and there
was the quest to find my own voice.

By the 70s I was living in many shared houses with
musicians, theatre and movie maker friends. Apart from
having a fun time, it was a fantastic opportunity to learn
from many talented and diverse artists. This was a small
community that helped each other and as a photographer I
always had loads of opportunities. I have been delighted
over the years to see many of those friends go on to star in
the London’s West End,Europe and the USA.
As the 80s came it was time for me to get out and play live.
It was during this process that I teamed up with Dallas
Cosmas, Paul Richards and the late Peter j Foeden who
were just starting. Even as beginners those guys were
gifted and we continue to collaborate till this day.
Also during this period I was influenced by Andy Warhol
and Lou Reed and the creative inner city vibe they
pioneered. After setting up a warehouse style art studio we
were recording music and getting exhibitions around town.
By 85 it was time for a life style change and I moved to the
gold fields in Western Australian and worked as a rigger in
construction. This journey took me all over unseen Australia
and was a privilege to live with a meet many indigenous
elders on the land. My evenings were spent writing lyrics
and forming songs to record at a future time and place.
On my return to Melbourne it was time to start a family and
and build up recording studio and start getting those songs
down. As luck would have it, my old friend Dallas Cosmas
had formed Prototype Musique and we hooked up together
to again to work as a collective. Over the years he had
worked with many fine musicians and together we could
record and release all that material. For me it was great to
engineer the recordings and be part of the production team.

A recording for me is a visual scene and combines feeling
and emotion. That’s what I try to enhance and capture.
My influences would have to be Bob Dylan/ Leonard
Cohen/Tom Petty/Neil Young/Lou Reed/Serge Gainsbourg.
Joni Mitchell/the Motels/The Pretenders/Radiohead. I have
never tired of the masterful songs these artists produced
and tried to incorporate those properties into my approach.
My own style if I have one would be a character vocalist of
rock songs that border on cinematic.
My first record release was titled (Destination Unknown) in
2013. This was a record I was wanting to do for years with
the band members I started out with and admired. The
producer Dallas Cosmas really made this possible and
contributed right across the board with arranging, vocals,
bass and Piano.The late and great Peter j Foeden came
with lyrics for the opening track and guitar. Paul Richards
glued it all together with drums, percussion and
arrangements like no other. The final Mastering was Martin
Pullan@Edinsound and that was a master class thanks
heaps Martin.
At this point I want to sincerely thank Only Rock Radio for
all the air play and support of Road Less Traveled and Cafe
Vision. Destination Unknown was the address, and Only
Rock Radio delivered it - kudos to you.
My next release is in progress now and will be out in a few
months time. I’m quite excited with the news songs and will
feature (Brother to the Birds) Andy Englezos /Dallas
Cosmas and Paul Richards as starters.
At this time in my life songwriting recording and engineering
with Prototype Musique is as good as it gets. These are
challenging times in the industry but the human spirit
always finds a way to creep through. My roll today is to help
that happen and keep it alive through the arts. I may even
meet you on the road less traveled one day.
If you wish to visit my visual art website
and music website