Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Vanilla Base

1.            What's your name?  Vanilla Base
2.            Where are you from?  Madrid Spain
3.            Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.our trip has not been easy, but together the group members have            arrived to where we are now and we are proud of our work, our music and of us, we want to thank all the media that have helped us           so that the world knows us and reach here
4.            Tell us about your musical style, influences, ... all indie classic rock pop music
5.            What has been your last project? EP Show me you
6.            And the next thing you have planned?  touch play and touch and play again make songs present and enjoy music with people

7.            Upcoming concerts, events .... concerts to present the album live
8.            Links of interest 
9.            What's else?  Since 2007, creating good music. Vanilla Base restart again this year to play their best songs and return to the   stages. Julie ,Quique, Luis, Jesus, and Manolo form this pop rock band, willing to captivate the audience with a fusion of their   different styles and their musical influences. Rhythms for dancing, lyrics to listen and a lot of energy, all this with a vanilla     touch…