Thursday, March 15, 2018


1.    What's your name? Tribulance
2.    Where are you from? We hail from Tucson, Az.
3.    Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now? Our journey has been a long one! We started this band way back in the early 90's, released a few albums, had some success in Europe, called it quit for awhile after that do to the every changing music business and direction the industry was headed at the time. Decided to re-group around 2012 to finish unfinished business; we felt when we stopped the first time that we left a lot of things unfinished. We had a Europe tour scheduled that unfortunately fell though do to management/promoter negotiations, so when that fell though, we kind of fell with it. It was disheartening at best!  So everything we had planned to do, kind of got put on hold till we regrouped in 2012. In 2018 we're writing for our newest album, went through an original member change, and are looking to book shows, but trust us when we say, there is still a lot of unfinished business and music that will surface soon! 

4.    Tell us about your musical style, influences... Our musical style is straight in your face metal. We do what we do and stay true to who we are and where we came from. We don't try and write with the idea we're writing what people wanna hear, we write what WE wanna hear, what comes natural to us, and I think that's what makes us TRIBULANCE and that's what keeps us real! Our influences as a band are pretty much rooted in old school metal. Each member liking different bands than the other for the most part, but as a whole, it makes us who we are today.
5.    What has been your last project? Our last project was the completion of our newest album "The Aftermath of Lies." While this was our last completed project, we are in the process now of writing a new album for an early 2019 release.
6.    And the next thing you have planned?  West Coast Tour - Concept Video for the song "Oblivious" - New Stage Show - 2019 Album Release - Promote, Promote, Promote!
7.    Upcoming concerts, events... While we are working shows, nothing is in concrete yet until about July, but that may change really soon.
8.    Links of interest Make sure to check us on Facebook here: .  And if you want the behind the scenes look, check out our Instagram: and our Twitter:
9.    What's else? Look for TRIBULANCE's new album early 2019, keep an eye out for us playing a show near you sometime soon. While no band wants to go through member changes, we are pumped to showcase our new bass player and continue in this journey that has lead us up to this point as of now! We've got a lot of things planned for 2018-2019 so make TRIBULANCE a household name and check back in with us often for things are changing daily and shows may just pop up in an area near you. Follow us on any social site that mentions TRIBULANCE.  Thanks to the long time fans; and all the new fans all over the world that have made us feel loved! It's great to know people half way around the world are listening to our music and digging what we're doing still!  We're slowly growing to the masses one day at a time, one person at a time, and won't stop till we feel we've accomplished everything this bands namesake deserves.