Monday, March 12, 2018


1.            What's your name? Steevo.

2.            Where are you from? I am French but I live in Oxford, UK.
3.            Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now. I came to London first to find some people to make a band, I found some people and we made my first band, we got signed after our first gig! I was really happy : I got signed with my first band after my first gig! Then I was not happy about the fact that I had all these songs but we were going in another direction then I left the band. I moved to Oxford a year and a half ago to work on my solo album. I had the chance to get introduce to Marc, who plays guitar in most of the latest tracks that I recorded,  by my friend Illana Polatin-Reuben, who will join us at one point on the bass. I want to keep an electronic vibes with my music but mixing it with instruments. Having Illy on the bass will help me focused more on my vocals and create some sounds live. Marc is great on the guitar and hopefully we can drag my dear friend Kwesi back to play with us on cello. But it is hard to get everybody to play together we all got different commitments; That it why I’d rather focus on recording and hopefully shooting some videos this year than hopefully playing more live show from next year.

4.            Tell us about your musical style, influences, ... I love bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Mylene Farmer, Serge Gainsbourg ( I have been listening a lot lately to his daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg latest album), Portishead, Radiohead, Placebo and many more artists. I love Goldfrapp one of the latest album I bought and always listen to. I l excited on the upcoming album of Ladytron.  I’m glad that they are coming back they have influenced me a lot I have seen them live many times and I love to see bands like them live just to see how they use keyboards, computers, live instruments, though a keyboard is an instrument for me like a computer: it’s all about the sound and effects that you are using like a guitar or a bass. I would like to record my next album with one of my friend, my favourite drummer: is name is James from the French band Nude. I have so many songs to record so I am “ keeping” some that will go well with a drummer.
5.            What has been your last project? My last project is my upcoming album : Angels and Demons. It’s about the duality in every one of us. How we need to try to find a balance. I am happy and honoured to be on the side of people who are making people having a good time, with my music, if some people like my music well I make them feel good for few minutes and that is priceless for me. I am trying to finish it this year and hopefully shoot some videos for some songs on it. That is my main goal and I am nearly done with the recording. Songs like “Eden’s Garden”, “ Change a man” , “ The Death Of A Party” ( you guys are playing this songs so much I’m so pleased thank you by the way! ), “Emergency”, “Filter” will be on it the other songs are getting recorded as we speak.
6.            And the next thing you have planned? I am working on a
7.            Upcoming concerts, events ....  I think that we will be playing at the next London Anime and Gaming Con in London in July. It is a great place to play, I just played at the last one in February. I love japanes anime and I am planning to go full on anime craziness for the next one.
8.            Links of interest : I love tennis, if I m not writing or playing songs at home I am usually watching tennis online on Tennis TV!
9.            What's else? One of my song “ Filter” has just been licensed by an American company that places music in movies, commercials, bars, shows… So I would love to get more of my music into movies, or video games stuff like that that would be so cool!