Friday, March 9, 2018

Midnight Kahuna

  1. What's your name? Rick Canut from Midnight Kahuna
  2. Where are you from? Miami, Florida, USA
  3. Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now. Started playing music in bars at age 19 doing all the classics from the Rock era. Started writing my own material soon afterward. Twenty plus years and four albums later, I have wonderful following that come to see me at my shows. We don't do as many as we used to but our shows are much bigger now and everyone comes.
  4. Tell us about your musical style, influences, ... My taste is very eclectic and I draw my influence from many artists in many different genres. My main influences though are The Police, The Beatles, The Who, Billy Joel, Elton John, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Marley, Martin Denny, Les Baxter, and Perez Prado.
  5. What has been your last project? I just released a new album titled, My Tribe, available everywhere you can purchase music online and I am always working on videos for my songs, many of which, can be found on my youtube channel.
  6. And the next thing you have planned? More videos, perhaps a show or two in South Florida, and I have already begun work on songs for a new album.
  7. Upcoming concerts, events .... We just had an amazing album release show and we may be doing some other shows later on this year. Check in on our website at for all our latest updates and events.
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