Wednesday, March 14, 2018

After Alice

What's your name?

After Alice

Where are you from?
Jason Crowden is currently living in Graniteville, SC and was originally from Michigan.
Steven Fennell is currently living in Jackson, SC and was originally from Wisconsin.

Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now
After Alice has had a very successful campaign with 8 songs in The Top 40 Radio Charts from our debut CD 'Memories'
We worked with Stuart Epps who worked with Led Zeppelin, Elton John, The Beatles George Harrison, Produced (15) Time Top 40 Radio Charted '99 Gold' and currently on over 100 radio stations world wide.
We would have to say it’s the support we’ve been getting from our fans. The consensus is that a lot of people really like what we’re doing. Thru the ups & downs of the business, I think that is what motivates us more than anything else.
Tell us about your musical style, influences,
Mainstream rock, could also be alternative rock, as well as Alternative Progressive Rock. Its hard to say & even if I did try to mention everyone, the list would be too long. There have been so many different musicians I’ve either worked with or learned from that it would be hard to nail down the one who influenced my style the most.

What has been your last project?
CD 'Memories'

And the next thing you have planned?
Continue writing & recording. Maybe some live shows, if the demand presents itself.

Upcoming concerts, events
Interview 3/20The Balcony Radio Show @thebalconypaInterview 5/1 Tuesday Live Radio Show @allindie

Links of interest or After Alice @afteraliceband

What's else?
We currently have a great team that supports different areas in the music business.

Indie Tunz is running our Youtube channel plus '99 Gold' single in digital distribution

Factory Fast Records currently has our physical CD 'Memories' released  Available At and 'Forge The Dream' compilation CD
Available At plus on Spotify

Blood Records is currently running our Instagram page

Wanderer Publishing is currently working on deals on our behalf