Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Big Tobacco Company

Big Tobacco Company
C/O Bobby Ullman
Big Tobacco Company is an experimental metal band founded by a group of friends and family members. Born out of the idea that different is good, the members all brought different musical ideas and forged these into music that could only be labeled as progressive. Big Tobacco Company possesses a distinctive sound that can be traced from many genres outside of metal. To Quote Music Interview Magazine, “Killer metal seasoned with speed describes the self-titled album debut from Big Tobacco Company. Enthusiasts searching for intense modern American indie music look no further, because BTC is here. Listeners should be ready to get slammed against the wall with a fresh blast of distortion and sonic momentum. Complete with ferocious vocals, two amped guitars and a blistering rhythm battery, this contemporary music powerhouse has things well covered. But there is more to the music.” BTC produces their music out of a modest studio setup in their basement. BTC's inaugural self-titled album, was mixed and produced by Evan Ullman, and mastered by Jeff Monroe from Group Effort Sound Studio.

BTC uses social media as our primary conduit to connect with our fans. We want our relationship should be mutually beneficial. Since we have amassed a large following both personally and professionally, we are able to increase exposure for you.
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Evan Ullman – Singer and Producer, screams at people and things.
Brad Burns – Guitars, plays with strings.
Alec Ullman – Percussion, hits either things or people with sticks.
Chris Brumer – Bass, mainly ties strings in knots.
Bobby Ullman – Guitars, Still trying to figure out what strings are.
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While BTC has played many shows, the industry is changing where all music will be delivered digitally. We are working on a platform to deliver live shows digitally and support our sponsors.