Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Hello ,we're the SolaJets ,a three piece lo fi electro punk rock band based in Necton ,Norfolk UK.
 Ben is the main songwriter for the band and sings and plays guitar ,We have Andy on bass guitar and Moog synths ,and Rupe is the drummer. We have all been involved in bands over the years and we have been playing together for the past three years.
 Our influences are very widespread and we don't like to restrict ourselves to one style which has helped us to develop a quite unique sound ,although there is a element of early Pink Floyd ,Jimi Hendrix ,early punk ,the who ,glam rock ,early jazz and experimental synth based bands!
 We have released two EP's now ,we like to work on extended players as it provides enough room to be creative and to develop ideas and a style ,and to present a musical poloroid of our vibe. Our first EP 'I'm comin home' had a soulful lofi rock sound and was very well received .Our latest EP 'Journey' released in Oct 2017 is a much more complex affair ,its based on the song 'Utopia' which we split into three parts ,one part for each section of our 'journey' across the universe ,we then wrote another nine songs which were blended into the three parts ,it's pretty cool and we're really pleased with it ,so what did we find there? listen to the complete EP on soundcloud to find out ,please!!
 We have been rather busy recently working on our third EP ,this is a more back to basics vibe ,a good live recording of some great catchy new songs ,we're rather excited by how its shaping up ,and hope to finish recording in the next few weeks.

 We're very much a live band ,we like to surf that fine line between great music ,or a glorious mess! We're booked for a couple of parties coming up ,and we seem to be veering into the local small festival scene ,which is cool. If yer looking for a interesting band then please contact us !!

We have a number of tunes on SoundCloud

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We have recieved a lot of support and encouragment from many people (not least Only Rock Radio !) and its very much appreciated ,Thank you