Monday, March 12, 2018

Dallas Cosmas


  • What's your name? 
  • Dallas Cosmas
  • Where are you from?
  • Born in Melbourne, Australia. But I'm really from somewhere else and until I know the whole answer to that question, I'll probably keep writing music.
  • Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.
  • This journey starts at the family piano and absorbing every corner of our vinyl collection - Age 7 latched myself to guitar, age 10 start writing and jamming with friends (for life) - Study compostion & recording techniques (analogue, of course) - Start bands, break up bands - Record - Travel the world, more bands - Touring - Record, record, record - Expand into session work & engineering - Debut solo LP released 2000 - Build up studio & form production label, Prototype Musique - Continue on the journey circling back to the sound of the family piano.
  • Tell us about your musical style, influences.

  • I am easily hooked by a great melody married to a grain of the truth. The rhythm of life is all around us. It flows through and inspires everything.
  • What has been your last project?
  • I have just finalised production on a new single by Wally Hite Rankin, titled 'The River' who is a truly gifted musician. I have been incredibly fortunate to find friends working in the music scene with such talented people (check out our catalogue).
  • And the next thing you have planned?
  • I will be producing for two other releases this year plus I am currently involved writing for an international collaboration which we look forward to share with the Only Rock audience.
  • Upcoming concerts, events ....
  • Watch out for a cameo appearance in an up-coming video by an U.S indie rock queen.
  • Links of interest
  • What's else?
  • Keep doing what you do, Only Rock. It's the important link between artist & audience.