Friday, March 9, 2018



My name is Sergii Pylypenko. I was born in small town in Ukraine. In 2011 I moved to Toronto, Canada. My creative life started developing around 16 years ago, when I was at school and fell in love. At first I started writing poems, then my class mate showed me couple of guitar chords and I started developing guitar skills. Since I started playing guitar I began to write songs and sing them. With time I wrote a bunch of songs and I had a strong wish to record them someday. In Ukraine i did not have a chance to do that due to numerous circumstances, but when I moved to Canada my intentions became real. I learnt Cubase, then finished Independent Music Production program in college, got more knowledge in music industry and music production. During the last 5 years I've been constantly improving my engineering, production, songwriting skills. I hope you can tell it when you compare my first album "Lifemarks" with my last album "Revival". For the moment I have released 3 albums "Lifemarks"(2015), "Who Cares"(2016), "Revival"(2017)", singles "Take it back uncle Sam", "I can't take my eyes off you", "Here is my heart". Currently working on a joint album with my friend Fiz Nik. It's going to be 7 songs album in altrenative rock genre. In spring, if there is no changes I will shoot my first video for an unreleased song.
I don't give performances yet, as it's hard to get right people together and I personally don't think that I "fit" the stage. But who knows...perhaps some day. My influences are: Pink Floyd, Rock of 80's, anything that has a good melody; also I like power metal (Stratovarius, Helloween), gothic rock (Within Temptation, Nightwish), Therion; some pop singers as Josh Groban, A-Ha, etc. I like mostly old music from 80's, 90's.
I have not developed my musical style. It depends on my mood in the moment of creation. I don't want to put limits on my music. I just create what I feel.