Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Gianluca Nasticola alias NastiGi  was born in Naples and currently resides in London, UK.

At the age of 6, he joined the permanent choir of two television programs for children broadcast on Canale 21 under the artistic direction of Maestro Ottavio Molinaro, conducted by the actors Anna Campori and Pietro De Vico.

Forms his first rock band Rockestros with his brother Lino Nasticola, very active in the Neapolitan underground music circuit in the 90s. Subsequently, his passion for progressive rock pushes him to found the Nodomo together with Bruno B and with the release of the single Cane Nero-Cantanapoli Antifascista in 1994 (Esodo Autoproduzioni, Flying Records) marks the beginning of an international tour.
In that same year he collaborates with Piombo a Tempo, Milanese band pioneer of the Italian Hip Hop known as Lion Horse Posse until 1993 (Leoncavallo Posse) writing together the song La Rivoluzione taken from the album Cattivi Maestri (Crime Squad-Flying Records)
With the event of the 5-string bass NastiGi explores other artistic musical worlds from the reggae to dub through jungle, drum & bass, collaborating both as an author and as a musician in the creation of 2 albums with Maurizio CaponeCapone Sciarap002 (CNI and Sciarap autoproduzioni ) Capone Murmuri (CNI and Sciarap autoproduzioni).

He moved to London in 1999, and from then on he began an intense artistic journey full of international meetings and collaborations; in 2001 with the Sleeping Giants (Pop rock) he collaborated with the single Too Late for the market of new proposals in Australia by Platinum Selling MusicProducer. 14 UK Top-10 Chart HitsAndy Whitmore.
In 2005 following the meeting with Alec Whittier  (American producer) he formed the Dirth (Heavy Rock) together with John Moss (Culture Clubs drummer), were very active in the London underground circuit

In 2008 he collaborated with Heaven's Heathens (Indie Rock), the single In the morning light was Nominee for the 16th Annual Los Angeles Music Awards for unsigned band

After many years of concerts, videos, and appearance on TV and radio in Great Britain, Italy, France and Switzerland he continues his career collaborating with many other artists and DJs like Anita Maj, Alda, Elsahy, Livvy Nicole and DJ Just In Case & DJ Groovedesign.
Currently in Italy producing his new own rock project based on his compositions which came out on this 2018 called 
NastiGi ft Wans:
Gianluca Nasticola -Bass guitar/E.Piano
Vanda Palma -Vocals
Enzo Russo -Guitars
Andy Copeland –Drums

Music by Gianluca Nasticolq
Lyrics by Vanda Palma

Influences: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Ramones, Kiss, Van Halen, Living Colour

Next tour in Europe Sept 2018 TBC

The Ep’s 4 songs “ Take me As I am” for sale on all digital music platforms, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, Amazon & Dezeer