Friday, March 9, 2018


  1. What's your name?
Danno Sheehan
  1. Where are you from?
  2. From Cork Ireland living in London England
  3. Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.
  4. listen to Unfinished Business. you broadcasting the track
  5. from cork to glasgow and finally London
  6. singer/songwriter Danno has been observing and writing about his relationships and his inability to settle down. Unfinished Business track the decades from 1960-the millennium 
  7. Tell us about your musical style, influences, ...
major influence is 60's beat groups and moving to blues with hero's such as cork man Rory Gallagher
  1. What has been your last project?
  2. vinyl album release Passing Time from
  3. And the next thing you have planned?
  4. festivals with our band w3detour uk and overseas
  5. Upcoming concerts, events ....
  6. see for gig list
  7. Links of interest
  8. www,

  14. recording,gigging,writing, 
  15. What's else?