Wednesday, March 7, 2018



1 -What's your name?
Alfredo Norese
2- Where are you from?
I'm from Argentina
3-Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.
I started as a guitarist in rock/pop bands. During the nineties ( last century) I started producing my own band and with some luck we got a gold disc in our country. That succed encouraged me so I continue my career producing rock/pop bands in my city. In 2003 I started with house music production and got some credit producing for some labels all around the world. I had the luck of remix productions with great house music singers like Barbara Tucker, Michelle Weeks and Rachel Claudio and had many releases. Nowadays I'm working alone in my own studio, collaborationg with singers and musicians from different countries like UK, Nigeria and USA. I have my own record label NM Records and I'm getting some attention to my productions in Spotify and Itunes.
4- Tell us about your musical style, influences
As a guitarist mainly my influences are guitar bands and guitar players. I can name different musicians like George Benson and Van Halen, but also great composers like Stevie Wonder and of course The Beatles
5-What has been your last project?
My last project is a song sung bya great Nigerian singer, Mrs Tolu Salako. It`s called Moments and it's a moombathon groove with great lyrics, written by my main writer, a young guy from Texas (USA) Brandon Haygood
6- Upcoming concerts, events ...
Actually I don't play nothing here, but soon my next release, saty tooned!
7- My main pages:
8- What else 
I want to thank Only Rock Radio for all the promotion of my music. It's really amazing that in a world full of scams and love for tghe money, we are getting free promotion of our work!