Wednesday, May 9, 2018


A 38-year-old guitarist from Brazil who is dedicated to home-made instrumental recordings to bring his music to life. Fan of rock and blues, but admirer of all musical styles that demonstrate the minimum of content. I highly value the work of authors in an era that is easy to follow in the way of rewriting great hits, a formula used even by established artists. I started my work composing riffs in solitary musical sessions and decided to record and put on platforms online for those who are interested in a raw sonority. I even created an instrumental project called The Space Ashes, but ended this to do something with a more personal message. In my work, I try to make the sound as visceral as possible, so studio music approaches the spontaneity and energy of a live performance. I see this as an extra challenge for a musician who does not perform live shows. Lastly, and most importantly: My work revolves around the instrument that enchants me and defines not only a style of music, but a lifestyle and a state of soul. The eletric guitar. In May 2017 I released the first compilation of the Space Ashes project on streaming platforms and the second part was released in September. Right now I’m working on a new album with instrumental music but also lyrics and vocals.
The Albuns
G.H.G.N presents The Space Ashes remastered – vol I Collection of remastered songs from the Space Ashes project with 6 instrumental compositions recorded between the years 2014 and 2016. Released on 05/30/2017 All songs were composed by Gustavo Henrique Gontijo Neves; All instruments were played by Gustavo Henrique Gontijo Neves.

 Stoned
 Outlaw Joe parts A, B & C
 A brief step to nowhere
 Victims of love
 Centaurus
 The Wolf
G.H.G.N presents The Space Ashes remastered – vol II
 Sea Storm in one night
 The Black Wizard
 My new cool car
 The killer walk
 Top of the sky
 Swing dance
Gustavo Neves – Brazil, february 2018
Twitter: @ghgnrock