Wednesday, May 9, 2018



Firststrike USA since 1986

Originally formed in California USA the now Arizona based Thrash Speed metal band
FIRSTSTRIKE was co founded by Lead guitarist PAULY "TheRealrocknrolla" THOMAS and Thrash drummer legend SCOTT CUMMINGS in Santa Barbara CA in 1986. Other members  NIMAR SILVA on second Lead Guitarist and lead vocalist RICK MYTHIASIN, former PANTERA  singer who went on to form Heavy Metal band STEEL PROPHET.Fast forward to 2018 & FIRSTSTRIKE are back to "Make America Thrash Again"..With the help of new bassist FENIX BLOODSTONE The original  FIRSTSTRIKE members are intent to record new and unreleased material and finally have their music be available to anyone with a liking to old school thrash metal with soaring melody vocals and fast choppy riffs consistent with the early style of "Thrash, Speed Metal" that many still enjoy including us. We are still in the early stages of getting our infrastructure back so that we can bring back the sound we love and hope our former and new fans will love this also.You can Find our social media sites links below, most are running but some are still under construction so please bare with us while we get ready to bring you the FIRSTSTRIKE sound that we are sure you are going to love as much as we do. some sites still under construction but Please Stay tuned for updates...Please subscribe and early subscribers/fans will be the first to hear about updates. We are working on our merch as we speak so just for being loyal followers you wll get the scoop on cool stuff before anyone else. We will keep you updated and let you hear and see everything before anyone else and you may even get more  as a big thank you so hang in there please ansspread theword, we really need more Facebook likes as that has only just gone liveand is the quickest way to find out whats going on with us. Thank you so much guys, without you we are just a few guys making music for ourself, we would rather make music for you all to....thank you on be half of FIRSTSTRIKE PAULY "TheRealrocknrolla" THOMAS co-founder, lead guitarist.