Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bill Draper

My name is William Lee Draper, aka, Bill Draper. I was born in Watertown NY.
I grew up in a household where my father had an acoustic guitar sitting around he played some chords sometimes. I was first influenced by the allure of the guitar and him playing. He usually had to have a few drinks in order to play. Later, I saw Aerosmith on television, the “Angel” video, “Run DMC, with Aerosmith collaboration” which drew me to Aerosmith and their guitar army. That band means so much to me on many levels, musically and personally I can relate to their much reported on story. I play a variety of instruments, drums, bass guitar, rhythm and lead guitar, sing, writelyrics, some piano and harmonica. Other influences to come later were Pearl Jam, which I hardcore related to the abuse as the Jeremy video and song put in our televisions and minds. My Mom was very abusive. My father was very passive. Even further into the list come Bush, Metallica, U2 Big Wreck, Julian Lennon, Alanis Morissette, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, etc.

I have been in some bands. Some say marriage is a band of members. I say it is also the leading cause of divorce. The best you can do is move on and build your own musical empire. It isn’t that we ourselves haven’t made mistakes too, but you have to look at who learned from them and who actually has a conscience. There is abuse even on local levels as far as stealing music and money from members. I hope to never go through that again. That was one band I was in. The others were The Lost Pariahs, an original band of two members that never got far off the floor. We played an event at Jefferson Community College. We wrote our own material. I still play some of it. Two songs on my ANGELIC BEING disc, dying to Live and Pariah City, came from those sessions. I totally revamped the songs to make sure they were different from the original musically. I kept my lyrics and used them. The other bands I was in- was cover bands. I really wanted to be writing our own music, but I could not sway a member.

I am a member of National Leadership Society of Success at Jefferson Community College in Watertown NY and I also played for the induction ceremony. I have played countless live gigs alone, solo, or with bands. I also have another original disc (work) with Kimberly A. Cavanagh. She is my significant other and we do poetry and music collaboration. It is a disc and live project that hit topics such as spirituality, love, mental health, abuse and more. I have also played some suicide prevention and awareness vigils. One in Albany NY, one in Lowville NY and one in Watertown NY.

Currently, I have been selling my own CDs through CD BABY, Facebook advertising, Reverbnation, and mostly by hand locally. I also have T Shirts available. I also am putting a band together currently to play out these songs. I hope after June –August of 2018 I will be able to get the band on its feet. After, I recover from a surgery in late June 2018.

Thank YOU!
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TWITTER - @BillyDraper2
CDBABY-  (Beauty in the Chaos, Bill Draper, Kimberly A. Cavanagh- original poetry and music)