Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Miltos Marathon: Two Match

“Two match” forms the second official album of Miltos Marathon, which was released as an
independent production at the end of 2017.

The nine songs included in this album are basically some of the first lyrics and music compositions created by Miltiades Chalkidis throughout his adolescence...

These compositions created in the mid 90’s, were released that time as a demo entitled “Too much trouble for nothing” and for many were a fine specimen of the musical style of Miltos Marathon back then...Later were characterized by friends and  fans as favourite and classic songs of the band..

The title “Two match” has a metaphorical meaning and at the same time creates a kind of pun as it refers firstly to the title of the demo, secondly to this album and thirdly to the similar musical components that this album shares with the first album of Miltos Marathon“Grek fill”.

“These compositions, compared to their initial demo version, modified the lyrics and music at different points without changing their basic structure in particular...
I didn't want just to make a re-recording, I wanted to revive the enthusiasm as well as the romance that prevailed in that period of my life and present some of my first compositions,in the light of the current  reality, to the friends and fans of Miltos Marathon..Miltiades has stated “.

The production and mastering in “Two match” were completely made in Miltiades Chalkidis’s personal studio by himself, who wishing to offer a more personal tone in this album, not only selected the guitars and vocals, but also took on the playing of bass, keyboards and percussion.
For the remaining needs of the recording, a group of musician friends was gathered and the drums were recorded by Constantinos Mitin while the women's vocals were performed by Otilia Barbulescu Samoulada and Stavroula Asterinou.

“Two match”is not just the second official album release of Miltos Marathon. This album constitutes a kind of linking bridge between the past and the present music universe of the band..
It would not be an exaggeration to characterise this album as a future classic...
A future classic Greek rock album, which will undoubtedly earn a special place in the hearts of  those who will listen to it…