Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Electric Mud


Electric Mud
Electric Mud a Rock Band based in San Diego has released 2 albums. Straight to the Top was very popular in several different markets including Maryland, Virginia, New York and San Diego. Interestingly their best sales came in France, Huh?, where a French music blogger repeatedly applauded the album. Their 2nd. album, Dangerous Promises was released in November to standing room only crowd at The Hard Rock Hotel San Diego. EM recently played on a 5 band show at the House of Blues. The work sheet shows EM accounting for the majority of the 600 fans in attendance. Electric Mud is proud to have been nominated in the Best Rock category for the 2018 San Diego Music Awards.
Marc Hansen – Songwriter, Lead Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Marc grew up in Staten Island New York. Marc’s aunt, Patti Hansen a well known super model in the 1970’s married Keith Richards of The
Rolling Stones in 1983. Uncle Keith gave Marc his first guitar lessons and mentored along the way. Marc followed in his older brothers footsteps, joined the navy and successfully completed the Special Warfare Operator Naval Rating and became a US Navy Seal. Marc’s older brother, also a Navy
Seal, acted in the lead Navy Seal role in the movie Act of Valor which featured real Seal team members as actors in the movie. After leaving the Navy Marc hooked up with his younger brother Matty to keep a promise they made to each other to form a band together and take a stab at the music business.
Matty Hansen – Drums and Backing Vocals
Matty the youngest of 8 in the Hansen family spent his youth in classic American mischief, always outdoors and getting sent to the hospital for this sprain and that broken bone. In his teenage years he watched his older brother Marc sit on his bed with his garage sale guitar and figure out John Lee Hooker licks. Matty became fascinated with music and likes to say, “There my true rebellion began”. Dave, one of Matty’s older brothers somehow convinced their dad to buy Matty a drum set and from then on he played to his own records.
Later Matty followed his brothers into the Navy
Uncle Keith shows Marc guitar. Matty in the back. where he met his good friend and now guitar for Electric Mud, Colton Cori.

Colton Cori – Lead and Rhythm Guitar and Backing Vocals
Growing up in the rural San Jose life of music began at five years old when his uncle busted out an old Globe nylon string guitar which had been long forgotten. Colton sat for hours strumming that thing without forming any chords. He did however form a love for that instrument, the sound the feel and the joy he received playing with it. Colton like to get in his Uncles truck and
Hank Williams Jr. tapes over and over while dreaming of someday getting a guitar and learning to play. Eventually Colton did get his wish,
guitar which he wore out playing. Colton met Matty serving on the same ship in the Navy and began to play together in their off time. Soon they were both out of the Navy and joining Matty’s brother Marc in forming a band that would soon
evolve into Electric Mud. While on a trip to theeast coast to play some shows and visit family Marc, Matty, Colton and their then bass visited their cousin Matt Sorena’s family home which is next door to their Uncle Keith’s.
Matt Sorena – Bass and Backing Vocals
At the family confab at Matt and Uncle Keith’s homes in Connecticut (they are next door neighbors) Matt had a chance to sit in with his cousins in Electric Mud. That jam would set the course for Matt to be invited to join the band and start him on yet another path, the path to the West Coast and San Diego. Matt is probably the most diversified and well trained musician of the group.Sparking the fire, Matt was inspired by the greats of classic rock and decided to pursue music in his life.
After several youth group bands Matt started a garage band in high school. Matt set his musical path by attending Southern Connecticut StateUniversity completing a Bachelors degree in Jazz Performance. In 2010 the NCAA awarded Matt “All American” status as a student athlete in Division II swimming. After college Matt interned and then worked as an engineer at Electric Lady
Studios http://electricladystudios.com/ in New York City. Matt has since achieved his Masters Degree in Music Therapy from Malloy College in Long
Island NY.