Wednesday, April 11, 2018


What's your name?Eyemouth.
Where are you from?Gothenburg, Sweden.
Tell us how your journey has been from your beginnings until now.Two of us (Marcus and Joakim) played together in another band called Estrange. By 2014 that band had changed so much musically, that we started up the first incarnation of Eyemouth. After a couple changes member wise, and with the addition of Håkan to the band in 2016, we now act like a three piece/power trio.
Tell us about your musical style, influences, ...We´re trying hard to make sounds and atmosphere to match the songs. We also always tried to reach a more organic sound, which is a lot easier now since we´ve been focusing more on the dynamics between the drums and the bass lately. Guess this could be said so come from some of our main influences like Swans, Current 93 and more recent bands/artists like maybe Chelsea Wolfe and Anna von Hausswolff. Bands like The Cure is always there somewhere too it seems. In short, don’t know if we do have a style or a sound really, it seems to shift from time to time.
What has been your last project?We followed up our four Ep´s from 2015 with the release of our first full album, A Newly Planted Grain, in late 2017, so much of our focus has been on that one. It´s not easy to get through these days, but we´re trying our best to be heard one way or the other!

And the next thing you have planned?We´ll release another single and a video for that from the album in April. We´ll also decided to release at least two more videos of songs from the album. And we hope to be able to get a physical release of the album on later on. Also, we have plans to record a new song that will be quite different from everything we´ve done before. And we´ll be writing new music of course!
Upcoming concerts, events ...We´re actually in rehearsing mode right now and are looking for gigs. Nothing´s planned yet though, but we´ll see what happens!
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